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Hardened metal rotor/disc locks resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks...
100,00 RON
115,00 RON
KRYPTOLOK® SERIES 2 DISC LOCK 13mm hardened Performance steel shackle...
152,00 RON
184,00 RON
EVOLUTION™ SERIES 4 DISC LOCK 14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel...
225,00 RON
277,00 RON
KRYPTOLOK SERIES 2 INTEGRATED CHAINS 9mm four-sided chain links made...
235,00 RON
289,00 RON
Mounts to any 22 to 31, 80 mm. diameter frame tube, engine guard or other...
125,00 RON
143,00 RON
Indestructible maximum-security armor-plated cable locks Plastic-covered...
147,00 RON
174,00 RON
Hexagonal-shaped, case-hardened and triple heat-treated; withstands over 6...
292,00 RON
353,00 RON
KRYPTOLOK® SERIES 2 U-LOCK 13mm hardened Performance Steel shackle...
185,00 RON
222,00 RON
KEEPER 5-S2 DISC LOCK New reinforced design Stapler style disc lock...
130,00 RON
154,00 RON
Alarm disc lock with reminder cable and carry pouch 10mm pin
225,00 RON
HARDWIRE™ KEY CABLES The fully reinforced lock head has an additional...
189,00 RON
227,00 RON
Innovative new design from Motion Pro Adjustable steel clamp allows...
154,00 RON
190,00 RON
Quadra-braid cables 182 cm. x 20mm
115,00 RON
134,00 RON
10mm hardened chain links 91 cm length Push-button activation and...
320,00 RON
394,00 RON
25mm Quadra-braid cable 182 cm. length Push-button activation and...
351,00 RON
433,00 RON
EVOLUTION™ SERIES 4 U-LOCK 14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle...
317,00 RON
390,00 RON
Short-shackle disc U-lock Features three flat keys with one key equipped...
116,00 RON
137,00 RON
For use on motorcycle discs and looped cables The strongest...
104,00 RON
123,00 RON
KRYPTOLOK® 10-S DISC LOCK DFS Dual-reinforced, high security...
189,00 RON
229,00 RON








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