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Pret vechi: 575 RON Reducere 37%

Pret nou: 365 RON

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Pretul include taxa TVA nou de 20%, Costurile de livrare nu sunt incluse

  • Ultra-high-performance radials designed for the aggressive street rider
  • BT014 utilizes a new silica-enriched compound formulated with technology from Bridgestone's MotoGP tire development, for outstanding grip in all conditions
  • Innovative tread design promotes excellent traction, shock absorption, wet performance and noise reduction
  • Front: narrow ply construction for light handling, improved feedback and stability
  • Rear: cap-and-base compound with outside bead filler construction and technology of HTSPC-MSB (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord; Mono Spiral Belt) in rear tire to improve stability and reduce heat generation
  • 3D-CTDM (Comprehensive Tire Design Method) is advanced tire design technology that enables dynamic, three-dimensional simulations of tire performance at all lean angles
  • Tubeless (TL)
  • W-rated for speeds up to 270 km/h (168 mph) or (W)-rated for speeds of 270+ km/h (168+ mph)

0722 624 451 - Comenzi telefonice
L-V 11:00-19:00 / S 10:00-14:00


Detalii produs


Greutate produs: 3 kg.


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