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Dunlop's new technologically advanced tyre for sport bikes takes its name from SportSmart x SportSmart = SportSmart², delivering comfort, superior handling*, optimised wet and dry grip, durability and high speed potential.

The technology behind SportSmart² has been developed by Dunlop's European reseach and development team and is derived from products that have proved to be winners in racing, such as the D212 GP Pro.

* Compared to SportSmart

Key benefits

  • Grip is enhanced by using Multi-Tread technology on the rear tyre with a specific shoulder compound for better cornering in wet and dry conditions
  • Reverse direction centre tyre pattern on the front enhances water drainage for further improved wet performance
  • Improved handling achieved by the use of new front tyre shape and construction delivering faster turn-in, accurate line holding and braking stability in corners
  • High comfort due to use of JLB and JLT technologies, fewer components, new tyre shape and lighter tyres
  • High speed capability up to 300KPH → Speed Index

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