Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2

  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2
  • Poze ICON 1000 TRUANT 2


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For the TRUANT 2 boot we went back to the drawing board…and set it on fire. Is it a moccasin? Is it a hi-top? Literally no one knows. The full-grain leather chassis features a hidden ghillie lacing system for a secure fit with minimal fuss and D3O® inserts in the ankle. Internally, the TRUANT 2 features an engineered lasting board to provide the structure necessary in a motorcycle boot while still allowing off-bike comfort.

Composit Lasting Board

Engineered to provide structure without compromising comfort and control feedback.


A modern motorcycle boot cloaked in a street-savvy silhouette, the Truant 2 is crafted from premium full grain leather hide.

D3O® Ankle Impact Plate

The D3O® ankle impact plate adds reinforcement and comfort through an ergonomic shape. This allows for subtler integration into the boot without compromising performance.

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Greutate produs: 1 kg.

Producator: ICON

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