• Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C
  • Poze RST CPX-C


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The specification of the CPX-C 1 piece suit is focused squarely on racing; the suit is cut to be supremely ergonomic when you’re on track. All the vulnerable impact points are shielded by RST CPX-C carbon sliders, these have a very low friction co-efficient enabling the rider to easily slide away without tumbling in the event of crash. The shoulder sliders also help protect the collarbone by diverting energy away from the clavicle. The amount of riders using the CPX-C in championships around the world is testament to just how good the CPX-C is.

  • This 1 piece leather suit is made form full grain 1.1mm to 1.3mm Cowhide leather
  • For comfort these leathers have a 4 way stretch
  • Keep it clean! There is a full length removable mesh lining
  • You'll find RST Contour plus CE to the shoulders, elbows and knees 
  • Quick release racing Knee sliders come as standard
  • Get the pro racer look with the CPX-C Carbon knee and shoulder sliders
  • New for 2015 is the RST Carbon elbow slider
  • Neoprene comfort collar and cuffs
  • Stretch comfort panels are fitted throughout the suit
  • There is double layer leather at seat area
  • A new exciting feature is the hydration pack race hump
  • Double and triple stitched seams are used throughout using a heavy duty bonded nylon thread
  • Max zips are situated throughout too. 


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